Plant List

Here is a short list of plants that I have     used with much success over the years


AB1 Abelia – “Edward Goucher”   Evergreen Small Lilac Flowers 3′-5′ Best in Sun
AB2 Abelia – “Kalidoscope”   Dramatic Yellow Foliage 2.5′ -3′ Best in Sun
AC1 Acer Palmatum “Jap.Maple”   Red-Bloodgood, Oshio beni, Burgundy Lace     20′ slowly Sun or Shade
AC2 Acer Palmatum “Jap.Maple”   Green     20′ Slowly Sun or Shade
AC3 Acer Palmatum “Jap.Maple” “Dissectum” Small Shrub, Weeping Branch 10′ slowly Sun or Shade
AC4 Acer Cirnatum “Vine Maple”   Deciduous shrub /small tree     5′-25′ Depend Sun or Shade
AC5 Acorus Ogon Small Grass-Like Green/Yellow 12″ Sun or Shade
AC6 Achillea “Yarrow” Pink or Yellow     12″+ Sun
AGA Agapanthus “Peter Pan” Dwarf, Blue Flowers 12″ Sun or Shade
AGA1 Agapanthus “Queen Anne” Medium, Blue Flowers     16″-18″ Sun or Shade
AGA2 Agapanthus “Africanus” Larger, Blue Flowers 1.5’+ Sun or Shade
AJU Ajuga “Reptans” “Carpet Bugle” Spreading Ground Cover     3″-4″ Best in Sun
ALB Albizia “Julibrissin” “Silk Tree”, Shade tree, Pink Flowers 20′-30′ Best in Sun
ALB1 Alyogyne “Blue Hibiscus “Santa Cruz” Blue Flowers   5′ +/- Best in Sun
ANE Anemone “Japonica” Plant in clumps, use for borders,etc 2′ +/- Partial Shade
ARB Arbutus “Unedo” “Strawberry Tree” Strawberry like fruit     10′-25′ Sun or Shade
ARB1 Arbutus “Menziesii” Madrone Tree, Interesting Bark, etc 20′-80′ Sun or Shade
ARC Arctosaphylos “Manzanita” “Howard McMinn” Flowers Whitish/Pink     3′ – 5′ Best in Sun
ARC1 Arctosaphylos “Manzanita” “Emerald Carpet” Low Growing G.C. 8″ – 12″ Best in Sun
ARM Armeria “Maritima” “Common Thrift” Mounds of pink Flowers     6″ Best in Sun
ART Artemisia “Silver Mound Evergreen “woody” very silver/grey foliage 2″ +/- Best in Sun
AS Aster “Frikartii” Violet/blue single flowers May-Oct.     2′ +/- Best in Sun
ASP Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant Green Deep Shade 2′ +/- Shade
AST Astilbe “False Spiraea Light airy plumelike flowers, wht/pink/red     6″ – 18″ Sun or Shade
AZ Azalea “Kurume” Twiggy,Compact, Coral bells Hino Crimson 18″ + Partial Shade
AZ1 Azalea “So.Indica” Some sun tolerance,Fielders,Tabor, etc.     2′ +/- Partial Shade
BAC Bacopa Annual Spreading Ground Cover, White Flower 2″ Sun or Shade
BER Berberis “Thunbergii” “Jap. Barberry” /Crimson Pygmy” Red/Purp.   1.5’+ Best in Sun
BET Betula “Alba” Standard “White Birch” Tree 40′ + Sun or Shade
BET1 Betula “Nigra” “River Birch” Multi Trunk Nice Bark 30+ Fast Sun or Shade
BOUG Bougainvillea Vine S.D Red Barbara Karst Frost Tender 15′ Best in Sun
BRU Brunfelsia “Exima” Evergreen Dark Green Purple Flower 6′ +/- Partial Shade
BRU1 Brugmansia “Candida” Large leaves Wht. Or Yellow trumpet Flwr. 10′ Fast Sun or Shade
BUD Buddleia “Davidii” “Butterflybush Black Knight Lilac Flower 10′ Fast Best in Sun
BUD1 Buddleia “Compacta” “Nanho””Buzz” Petie Purple Sky Blue 3′ – 5′ Best in Sun
BUX Buxus “Jap. Boxwood” Green Beauty or Winter Gem  Hedge 2′-4′ Sun or Shade
CAM Camellia “Japonica” Shrub Small Tree, Abundant Flowers 8′-15′ Slow Sun or Shade
CAM1 Camellia “Sasanqua” Upright-Appleblossom-Wht./Yuletide-Red     6′ +/- Sun or Shade
CAM2 Camellia “Sasanqua” Spreading- Shishi or Bonanza 4′ Sun or Shade
CAM3 Campanula “Perscifolia” Slender/erect, blue/pink/white-Border Plnt. blue/pink/wht Flower Spikes 2′ +/- Partial Shade
CAM4 Campanula “Poscharskyana” Spreading, Lilac bloom, Border plant 1.5’+ Partial Shade
CAR Carex “Sedge” “Morrowii” Aureo-variegata gold striped Lvs.     12″ Best in Sun
CARE Carpenteria “Californica” “Elizabeth” Evergreen shrub- Native 3′ – 5′ Sun or Shade
CEA Ceanothus “Wild Lilac” Smaller Joyce Coulter   2.5′ -3′ Best in Sun
CEA1 Ceanothus “Wild Lilac” Taller Julia Pheps 6′ +/- Best in Sun
CEA3 Ceanothus “Glorious” Ground Cover PT. Reyes/Carmel Creeper   1.5’+ Best in Sun
CER Ceratostigma “Plumbaginoide”- Ground Cover, Intense Blue Flowers 2′ +/- Sun or Shade
CERI Ceratonia Carob Tree Evergreen Dark Green Plant Male 20′-30′ Sun
CER2 Cercis “Occidentalis” Western Redbud” Small tree/Shrub 10′ – 15′ Best in Sun
CHA Chaenomeles Flowering Quince – First Bloomers – Hardy     Many Colors 5′ +/- Best in Sun
CHY Choisya Ternata” Mexican Orange” Evergreen Shrub 6′ Fast Best in Sun
CIS Cistus “prostratus” “Rock Rose” GroundCove tough locales   2′ +/- Sun
CIS1 Cistus “Hybridus” “White Rock Rose” in late spring 2′-4′ Sun
CIS2 Cistus “Purpureas” “Orchid Rock Rose” Compact grower/Purp.     4′ Sun
CIT Citrus Fruiting Lemon/Lime Ornamental with fruit 15′ Sun
CLE Clematis Vine Nelly Moser” deciduous Pruning Req. 15′ Best in Sun
CLE1 Clematis Armandii” Evergreen Vine, White Flowers, Pruning 20′ Fast Sun
CLY Clytostoma “Calliistegioides” “Violet Trumpet Vine” Evergreen, Prune       20′ Fast Sun or Shade
COL Coloenema “Diosma” “Golden Sunset” Yellow foliage/Pink Flower 2.5 +/- Best in Sun
COL1 Coloenema “Pulchrum” “Breath of Heaven” Taller/Pink Flower     5′ +/- Best in Sun
COR Cordyline “Indivisa” “Blue Dracaena” 10′-25′ Sun
COR1 Cordyline “Stricta” Green/Purple leaves   Lower grower 15′ Sun or Shade
COR2 Coreopsis “lanceolata” Low growing Yellow Flowers 12″ Best in Sun
COR3 Cornus Kousa” “Dogwood’ Multi trunk Flowering 20′ slowly Sun or Shade
COR4 Cornus “Florida” “Dogwood’ “Cherokee Chief” Flowering 20′ Fast Sun
CON Cotoneaster “Horizontalis” “Rock Cotoneaster”   Red Berries 1.5’+ Sun
CON1 Cotoneaster “Congestus” Medium grower Red Berries 6′ +/- Sun
CRA Crataegus “Hawthorn” Hawthorn Tree  Showy fruit Spring Flower 20′ slowly Sun or Shade
CU Cuphea “Hyssopifolia” False heather Lavender Lace, Compact 16″-18″ Best in Sun
DA Daphne “Odora” “Winter Daphne”, FragantFlowera     4′ -6′ Partial Shade
DEL Delphinium Perennial Blue color Many sizes Border Plant 2′-4′ Sun
DIA Dianthus Perennial Showy little colorful plant     6″ Sun
DIA1 Diascia Annual Perennial ? Ruby flowers “Ruby Fields” 6′ Best in Sun
DIC Dicksonia Antartica Tasmanian Tree Fern   Hardy 15′ Slowly Partial Shade
DIE Dietes “Moraea” “Fortnight Lily Bulletproof White Flower 4′ Sun or Shade
DIG Digitalis “Mertonensis Perennial ? spikes of “coppery” rose   2.5 +/- Sun or Shade
DIS Distictis Bignoniaceae “Blood Red Trumpet Vine” Pruning Req. 20′-30′ Best in Sun
DO Dodonaea “Purpurea” “Hop Seed Bush” Purple large shrub     10′ – 15′ Best in Sun
DRY Dryopteris “Erythrosora” Wood Fern seasonal color value 1.5’+ Shade
ECH Echium “Fastuosum” Large leaves Blue Spike Flowers 6′ Fast Sun
ELA Elaeagnus “Pungens” Tough, Barrier Shrub Evergreen 6′ – 10′ Sun or Shade
ER Erica “Heath” Evergreen shrubs, Rock Gardens, Borders     16″-18″ Best in Sun
ERI Erigeron “Karvinskianus  “Santa Barbara Daisy” Flowers all summer 12″+ Best in Sun
ERY Erysimum Wallflower “Bowles Mauve” Rounded shrub,Purple Flw.     2.5 +/- Sun
ESC Escallonia Compacta Rose red flowers/glossy green shrub 2.5′ -3′ Sun
ESC! Escallonia “Fradesii” Pink Flowers Glossy Green Shrub-Taller   6′-8′ Sun
ESC2 Eschscholzia Califonica California Poppy, Yellow Flowers/Native 12″ Sun
EUO Euonymus Japonica Marginata/Yellow edge/Silver Queen Wht.     6′ – 10′ Sun
EUO1 Euonymus Microphylla Box Leaf, Green Or Sliver Queen,Compact 2.5 +/- Sun or Shade
EUP Euphorbia “Characias” “Wulfenii” Upright Stems/Clustered Flw   3′ +/- Sun
FES Festuca “Ovina”  Glauca “Blue Fescue” S. Grass Sm. Grass 12″ Sun
FIC Ficus “Pumila” “Creeping Fig” “Self sticking” Vine  Sticking Vine 20′ slowly Sun or Shade
FRA Fragaria “Chiloensis” Wild Strawberry” Fruiting,Ground Cover 2″ Sun
FRE Fremontodendron Califoricum    “Flannelbush”, Native, Yellow Blooms     6′ – 10′ Sun
FUC Fuchsia Gartenmeister Upright shrub Red tubular Flowers 3′ +/- Partial Shade
GAR Gardenia “Veitchii” Compact Glossy green, White Flowers   3′ +/- Sun or Shade
GAU Gaura “Lindheimeri” Compact Branching Flower Spikes 2.5 +/- Sun
GER Geranium “Cranesbill” “Biokovo” Hybrid, pale pink flowers   12″+ Sun
GER Geranium “Cranesbill” “Johnson Blue”  Blue Flowers Border Plant 12″ Sun
GRE Grevillea “Noellii” Shrub Dense foliage Pink&White 4′ Sun
HAR Hardenbergia “”Violacea” “Happy Wanderer”, Tough, Vine, Purp. Flwr. 10′ – 15′ Sun
HEB Hebe Shrub Evergreen, Touchy, Lavender flowers     4′ Sun
HEL Helictotrichon “Sempervirens “Blue Oat Grass”, Blue/Grey spikey Grass 2′ +/- Sun
HEM Hemerocallis “Daylily” “Stella de Oro Dwarf, Yellow Flowers 12″ Sun or Shade
HEM1 Hemerocallis “Daylily” “Cranberry Baby” Dwarf, Red Flowers 12″ Sun or Shade
HEM2 Hemerocallis “Daylily” Larger 24″+ Many Colors Check Avail. 2′ +/- Sun or Shade
HEU Heuchera “Coral Bells” Red Flowers Matted Foliage 12″ Sun or Shade
HOS Hosta Plantain Lily Many types Heart Shaped Leaves   2′ +/- Partial Shade
HYD Hydrangea “Macrophylla” Mostly Blue Flowers 4′ -6′ Partial Shade
HYD1 Hydrangea “Quercifolia” Snow Queen Sikes Dwarf White Flower 4′ -6′ Partial Shade
HYD2 Hydrangea “Macrophylla” Pia/Dwarf “Pink Elf” Pink Flowers 2′ Partial Shade
ILX Ilex “Cornuta” “Holly” Small Tree/Shrub   10′ slowly Sun or Shade
IRS Iris “Douglasiana” Clumping, Evergreen, Native 1.5’+ Sun
JAS “Polyanthum” Jasmine vine, White/Pink Flowers   Pruning Req. 20′ Fast Sun
JAS1 “Solanum” “Jasmine Potato Vine” White Flowers Pruning Req. 20′ Fast Sun
JAS2 “Trachelospermum”  “Star Jasmine Vine”     White Flower Staked/Shrub 4′ -6′ Sun or Shade
JUN “Juniper” “Emerald Spreader” Low growing Bright Green 6″ Sun
JUNI “Wiltonii” “Blue Carpet” Very “Flat” Silver Blue Dense 4″ Sun
JUNB “Conferta” “Shore Juniper” Prostrate Trailing Bright Green 12″ Sun
JUNC “Squamata” “Blue Star” Regular Branching   Silver/Blue 2′ +/- Sun
JUND “Torulosa” “Hollywood” Upright Needs Room Irregular 15′ Sun
LAG “Lagerstroemia” ‘Crepe Myrtle” Tree or Shrub, Many Color     Check Avail. 10′-25′ Sun
LAM Lamium “Dead Nettle Ground Cover White Nancy Pink Pewter 4″ Shade
LAN Lantana “Montevidensis” Trailing low grower, Purple Flowers       12″ Sun
LAU “Fluviatilis” “Blue Start Creeper” Ground Cover, “Baby Tears” Blue Flw 2″ Sun or Shade
LAUR “Nobilis” Evergreen Small Tree or Shrub, “Sweet Bay” Tree       10′ slowly Sun or Shade
LAV “Lavender” Angustifolia “Grosso” “Munstaed” “Hidcote” 1.5’+ Sun
LAVA Lavatara “Assurgentiflora” “Tree Mallow”, Erect Shrub, Rosy/Laven       10′ Fast Sun
LEP Leptospermum   “New Zealand Tea Tree”, “Gaiety Grl/Strybing”  Pink 6′ Sun
LEPT Leptospermum Tea Tree Ruby Glow Red Flowers   6′-8′ Sun
LIG Ligustrum “Texanum” Texas Privet Green Shrub White Flower 10′ Fast Sun or Shade
LIR Liriope “Muscari” Lily Turf Dark Green Blue Flower 1′ Slow Shade
LIRI Liriope “Silver Dragon Sliver edge Lilac/Blue Flowers 1′ Slow Shade
LOR Loropetalum Chinensis Fringe Flower Burgundy,Puprle Foilage   4′ Best in Sun
MAG Magnolia “Grandiflora” Evergreen Huge Slow grower 80′ Sun or Shade
MAG1 Magnolia “Stellata” Star Magnolia Deciduous Early Bloom 10′ slowly Sun or Shade
MAG2 Magnolia “Liitle Gem” Evergreen Smallest Blooms Young 15′ Slowly Sun or Shade
MAG3 Magnolia “St. Mary” Evergreen Medium, Gets larger w/ Age   20′-30′ Sun or Shade
MAG4 Magnolia “Soulangiana” Tulip Tree deciduous Saucer Mag. 20′ slowly Sun or Shade
MAH Mahonia “Aquifollium” “Oregon Grape, “Golden Abundance”     5′ +/- Sun or Shade
MAL Malus Crabapple Tree, Spring Flower, White/Pinkish 20′ slowly Sun or Shade
MET Metrosideros New Zealand Christmas Tree   Nice Leaves Red Flowers 20′-30′ Sun
MAN Mandevilla “Alice du Pont”  Evergreen Vine Pink Flowers 20′-30′ Sun
MIS Miscanthus “Sinensis Varigatus Long Leaves White Stripes 4′ Sun
MYO Myoporum “Laetum” Evergreen Shrub Flowering 20′ Fast Sun
MYR Myrica “Californica” “Pacific Wax Myrtle”, Native   Hedge 10′-25′ sun
MYRT Myrtus “Communis” Compacta Evergreen Lower grower 2.5′ -3′ Best in Sun
NAN Nandina “Domestica” Heavenly Bamboo   Taller 4′ -6′ Sun or Shade
NAN1 Nandina “Gulf Stream” Compact Dense foliage Berries 2′-4′ Sun or Shade
NEP Nepeta “Faassenii” Walkers Low Lavender Blue Flowers   12″+ Sun
NER Nerium “Oleander” “Sister Agnes” White Flowers Or Red 8′-15′ Slow Sun
NER1 Nerium “Oleander” “Petite Pink” Dwarf Deer Resist. 4′ -6′ Sun
OL Olea “Olive Tree” “Swan Hill” Fruitless Low Pollen 20′-30′ Sun
OP Ophiopogon Japonicus “Mondo Grass Dark Green Good Edging 2″ Sun or Shade
OS Osmanthus “Fragrans” “Sweet Olive” Shrub, Some Flowering 6′-8′ Sun or Shade
OST Osteospermum  “African Daisy”, Flowering Ground Cover     Many Colors 2″ Sun
PA Pandorea “Jasminoides” “Bower Vine” “Wonga-Wonga Vine 20′ Fast Best in Sun
PEN Pennisetum “Rubrum” Purple Fountain Grass   Frost Tender 2.5 +/- Sun
PEN1 Pennisetum “Hamlin” Dwarf Fountain Grass Golden color 1.5’+ Sun
PEN2 Penstemon Midnight Sour Grape Appleblossom Garnet 2′ +/- Sun
PHO Phormium Flax Dwarf Tiny Tim Purple Foliage 2.5 +/- Sun
PHO1 Phormium Flax Medium Maori Maiden RainbowQuen 4′ Sun
PHO2 Phormium Flax Large Tenax Green/Purple 10′ – 15′ Sun
PHO3 Photina “Fraseri” Evergreen New growth bright red   10′ – 15′ Sun
PIC Picea “Abies” Spruce, “Repens” Low growning, mounding 1′ Slow Sun
PIC1 Picea “Nidiformis” Birds Nest Spruce Green Foliage 3′ +/- Sun or Shade
PIE Pieris Japonica Forest Flame Mt. Fire Variegata 6′-8′ Shade
PIN Pinus Mugo Dwarf Pine Low Shrub Jap. Style 2.5′ -3′ Sun or Shade
PIT Pittosporum Tobira Large Shrub Fragrant White Flowers 8′-15′ Slow Sun or Shade
PIT1 Pittosporum Tobira “Wheelers Dwarf” Neat low growing Shrub     2′ +/- Sun or Shade
PIT2 Pittosporum Tobira “Variegata” White edges on Leaves 5′ +/- Sun or Shade
PIT3 Pittosporum “tenuifolium” “Silver Sheen Upright Hedge 10′ – 15′ Sun or Shade
PIT4 Pittosporum “Uugenioides Upright, Green shrub/small tree/Fast 10′ Fast Sun or Shade
POD Podocarpus “Gracilior Fern Pine Column like Stake young 15′ Slowly Sun or Shade
POD1 Podocarpus “Macrophyllus Yew Pine Broader Leaf Taller w/Age 15′ Slowly Sun or Shade
POP Populus Tremuloides “Quaking Aspen” Tree     20′-30′ Sun or Shade
POL Polysticum “Munitum” Sword Fern Native 2′ +/- Shade
PRU Prunus “Carolina Laurel Cherry”   Evergreen Shrub or Tree 20′ slowly Sun
PRU1 Prunus “Laurocerasus English Laurel Evergreen Shrub or Tree 20′ Fast Sun or Shade
PRU2 Prunus “Laurocerasus “Otto Luyken” Evergreen Dwarf 4′ -6′ Sun or Shade
PYR Pyrus Chanticleer Ornamen Pear Deciduous Column like 20′-30′ Sun
PYR1 Pyrus Calleryana Ornamen Pear Deciduous Wider 20′-30′ Sun
PYR2 Pyrcantha Firethorn Many types Many sizes Red Berries 3′- 12′ Sun
RHA Rhaphiolepis Indica” India Hawthorn “Ballerina”   Pink Flowers 3′ +/- Sun or Shade
RHO Rhododendron “Clipenense” White/Pink Flowers Lower grower 2.5 +/- Partial Shade
RHO1 Rhododendron “Unique” Compact Yellow Flowers   4′ Partial Shade
RHO2 Rhododendron “Mrs GW Leak Medium Pink Flowers 5′ +/- Partial Shade
RHO3 Rhododendron Purple Splendor   Purple Flowers   4′ -6′ Partial Shade
RIB Ribes Speciosum” Fucia Flowering Gooseberry Native 4′ Sun or Shade
RIB1 Ribes Viburnifolium Evergreen Currant   Lower grower 3′ +/- Partial Shade
ROS Rosa Banksiae Lady Banks SemiEvergreen Yellow Flws. 20′ Fast Sun
ROS1 Rosa Climbers Cecil Brunner Deciduous Pink Flowers 15′ Sun
ROS2 Rosa Climbers Iceberg Deciduous White 10′ Fast Sun
ROS3 Rosa Climbers Blaze Deciduous Red 10′ slowly Sun
ROS4 Rosa Carpet Rose Shrub Red,Pink Yellow, White 2.5′ -3′ Sun
ROSES Rosa Hybrid Teas   Deciduous Many Colors 4′ Sun
ROSM Rosmarinus “Officinalis” Tuscan Blue Upright Blue Flower 4′ Sun
ROSM1 Rosmarinus Officinalis Prostratus Dwarf Trailing 2′ +/- Sun
ROSM2 Rosmarinus Officinalis Medium Spreading Blue Flower 2.5 +/- Sun
SAG Sagina Irish Moss Scotch Moss Ground Cover Deep Green 2″ Partial Shade
SAL Salvia Leucantha Mex. Sage slender blue Flowers 3′ +/- Best in Sun
SAL 1 Salvia Salvia Greggi ‘hot lips’   Red Flowers   2.5 +/-  
SAN Santolina Chamaecyparissus, Whitish/Grey Foliage Yellow Flws. 2′ +/- Sun
SAR Sarcoccocca Ruscifolia Evergreen Fragrant White Flowers   4′-6′ Slow Shade
SAR1 Sarcoccocca Hookerana Humilis Ground Cover White Flower 2′ +/- Shade
SCA Scaevola Mauve Cluster Shrubby Evergreen Ground Cover 4″ – 6″ Best in Sun
SC Schinus Molle Ca.PepperTree Evergreen Messy 20′-30′ Sun
SED Sedum Spectabilis Blue/Green roundish leaves   Pink Flowers 1.5’+ Sun
SEQ Sempervirens Redwood Tree Aptos Blue Evergreen Native 30′ + Fast Sun or Shade
SOL Sollya Heterophylla Aussie Bluebell Creeper   Blue Flower 3′ +/- Sun or Shade
STA Stachys Lambs Ear Ground Cover Silver/Grey Foliage 6″ Sun
STR Strelitzia Bird Of Paradise, Tropical looking, Bird like     Flowers 4′ Sun
SUC Succulents Hens & Chicks Pork & Beans Good for “Rock Pockets” 4″ – 6″ Sun
SYR Syringa Vulgaris/Lilac Deciduous Pinkish/Blue fragant 6′ – 10′ Sun
TAG Tagetes “Lemonii” Mex Marigold Yellow Flower fragant 6′ Sun
TAX Taxus “Stricta” Irish Yew Dark Green Column like 15′ Slowly Sun or Shade
TEU Teucrium Chamaedrys Prostrtum Ground Cover Flowering 6″ Sun or Shade
TEU1 Teucrium Fruiticans Bush Germander, Informal Hedging, Flw.     4′ -6′ Sun or Shade
THU Thunbergia “Grandiflora” Vine Vigorous Blue Flower 20′ Best in Sun
THY Thymus Vulgaris Common Thyme, Cooking   Gray/Green 6″ Sun
THY1 Thymus Praecox Creeping Thyme, Very low Grower 2″ Sun
THY2 Thymus Citriodorus Lemon Thyme Argenteus is Variegated   4″ Sun
TIB Tibouchina Princess Flower, Tall, Purple Flowering, Small Tree/Shrub 10′ – 15′ Partial Shade
TUL Tulbagia Violacea Society Garlic Green Leave Lavender Flws 16″-18″ Best in Sun
TUL1 Tulbagia Silver Lace Society Garlic White edges on Leaves 16″-18″ Best in Sun
VER Verbena Tapien, Homestead, Violet   Ground Cover Blue/Violet 2″ Sun
VIB Viburnum Tinus Evergreen “Spring Bouquet” Compact 5′ +/- Sun or Shade
VIB1 Viburnum Davdii” Evergreen White Flower Smaller 3′ +/- Sun or Shade
VIN Vinca Minor Ground Cover Dark Green Blue Flower 2″ Sun or Shade
WES Westringia Evergreen Blue Gem Wynyabbie Varigated   3′ +/- Sun
WIS Wisteria Sinensis Vine Messy Blue/Violet FL 20′ Sun or Shade